Www bg dating coma folders

This isn’t a super-secure way to back up your files, but then we’re more worried about losing data accidentally than having it stolen maliciously.I don’t think the world of medical ethics is cut-throat enough that our academic rivals would stoop to stealing our data in an effort to scoop our papers before we can publish them.Informed consent in medical ethics is usually conceived in terms of: disclosure, capacity and voluntariness, and the most obvious question to arise in the types of cases we’re considering is whether or not you could ever know with certainty that a comatose person has the capacity to make such decisions in such a state.(Indeed, a comatose patient is often the example given of someone who does have the capacity to consent.) Dr Weijer was generally sceptical on that front.

For a few weeks, the following was more-or-less my workflow for making backups: This worked pretty well, except that it was a pain for me to have to do this every day, and I know that if I ever forgot to do it, that would be when something terrible happened.

In related news, my research group has been using Drop Box to coordinate papers in progress, sharing of raw data, citations, and all manner of other information.

This was working pretty well, but we have been bumping up against the upper limit of our capacity on Drop Box for a while, so I installed own Cloud on the web host we got for the research group blog.

I’m pretty happy with how nice it is to use and administer.

Of course one of our concerns is making sure that we don’t lose any data in the case of the failure of our web host.

All while encouraging and supporting each stage of their development.

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Www bg dating coma folders introduction

Www bg dating coma folders

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