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The glycodelin gene is 5.05 kb long and is divided into seven exons (Ref. The introns are also of a limited size (269–1371 bp).An ATACATAA sequence (considered as an equivalent of a TATA box) is localized 29 bases upstream from the cap site.Besides being an epithelial differentiation marker, glycodelin appears to play a role in glandular morphogenesis, as transfection of glycodelin c DNA into a glycodelin-negative breast cancer cells resulted in formation of gland-like structures, restricted proliferation, and induction of other epithelial markers.These various properties, as well as the chemistry, biology, and clinical aspects of glycodelin, continue to be areas of active investigation reviewed in this communication.Glycodelin is a glycoprotein that belongs to the lipocalin superfamily.Depending on glycosylation, glycodelin appears in various isoforms.The vertebrate lipocalin genes are characterized in most cases by a seven-exon/six-intron structure.

Some of these sites have been mapped functionally by deletion or mutation of the wild-type promoter. Some of these sites have been mapped functionally by deletion or mutation of the wild-type promoter. Vaisse A 400-bp sequence starting at position −2260 shows 96% homology to a sequence present in exon 4 and intron 4.Glycodelin-A potently and dose-dependently inhibits human sperm-egg binding, whereas differently glycosylated glycodelin-S from seminal plasma has no such effect.Absence of contraceptive glycodelin-A in the uterus during periovulatory midcycle is consistent with an open “fertile window.” Glycodelin induced by local or systemic administration of progestogens may potentially reduce the fertilizing capacity of sperm in any phase of the menstrual cycle. Its high concentration at the fetomaternal interface may contribute to protection of the embryonic semiallograft.The N-terminal amino acid sequence was first reported for PP14 (8, 9), disclosing similarity with β-lactoglobulins from various species. The full primary structure of PP14 was first resolved from a decidual c DNA library (18), and essentially the same structure, with some splicing variants, was later confirmed for α2-PEG (19).Because PP14 was found to be synthesized in tissues other than endometrium and its molecular mass was not 14 k Da, the name PP14 appeared to be a misnomer.

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