Sedating a dog for grooming

An auto-immune disease can weaken blood vessels on a canine’s pinna.

Slight scratching can lead to rupturing of the blood vessels, which then leads to swelling, irritation and eventually infection.

The discomfort will lead to excessive scratching and trauma if not remedied right away.

Canines with a history of chronic otitis as well as middle-aged and older dogs are especially susceptible to developing these tumors.It is important that you know the health history of your pets and their parents to be prepared for any hereditary ear diseases.This is a condition wherein a dog’s thyroid gland is incapable of producing enough thyroxine hormone, which negatively affects your pet’s metabolism and will lead to a host of symptoms including ear infection.Deciding to get a pet dog can be one of the most rewarding decisions you will ever make in life.Unfortunately, everything is not always about warm affectionate hugs or fun plays.

It can be problematic when a foreign object enters your dog’s ears because of how canines’ ear canals are structured – from the ear opening it goes downward then horizontally.

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Sedating a dog for grooming introduction

Sedating a dog for grooming

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