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If you're after something loud, this wasn't made for you and you're better off going with the headache-inducing One Million.

The One is the silent badass, the passionate lover.

The opening has a blast of brigh freshness from grapefruit that is supported by a touch of basil herbality (this, instead of weighing down the scent, adds a touch more of freshness through a tough-to-catch green aspect). EDIT: Bitterness makes this strictly a grown up scent, 25 Presentation: 10/10 150ml bottle looks the best in my collection, even better than Eros and La Nuit! EDIT: a must have for mature people love this perfume but its performance makes me sad...Tobacco, sensual amber and cedar leave their mark at the base of the perfume. Was hoping for it to be my signature scent for the winter, but like I said, doesn't work for me. I`ll just copy paste my comment from the EDT part of this page. Performance: Poor up to 2 hours Projection: Ok, people you´re standing beside will notice it You´ll need an atomizer if you want this fragrance to last longer which also means the bottle will be used up much faster unfortunetly.It is available as 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum in a dark bottle of the original design. You know one of my rules about cologne is if it doesn't offend me, I'll usually wear it.Robertico xddd this is one of the best fragrances ever made. A fragrance is good or bad depending on the fragrance itself. Longevity-7 hours Sillage-2.5 hours Scent-9/10 Overall -8.5/10 Instead I would go with something like Armani’s stronger with u Or “by the fireplace” Both are great for cold seasons and have dark and sweet notes رایحه : 7.5/10 پخش : 3/10 ماندگاری : 5/10 رایحه اش خیلی خوبه ولی اصلا پخش و دوام نداره به زور بوشو حس می کنم بعد از نیم ساعت فکر نمیکنم ارزش خرید داشته باشه مگر اینکه عاشقش باشید و پخش و موندگاری براتون بی اهمیت باشه واسه من مهمه این 2 تا خصیصه و هرگز واسه این مدل عطرها حاضر نمیشم خرج کنم ولی زیاد هستن کسایی که به رایحه بها میدن فقط. This is not better than YSL La Nuit, Layton, Dior Homme Intense, ADG Profumo, Aventus, Herod, Oajan, Noir de Noir, etc. I personally can't stand the EDT--something about it smells way too powdery and choking, so I had doubts about trying this as I'd heard that they smelled nearly identical. They smell similar but whereas the EDT was perpetually cloying to me and gave me a headache, the moment I first smelled the EDP I fell in love. Original The One is 10/10 Longevity 2/10 be sure to have a small dispenser in your pocket if you want to smell of this more than 2 hours. Same with Dior Homme, le Male, and a few others that spray out like fire extinguishers. More natural grapefruit smell, can really pick it up at the top. Much more dense than the edt, notes don't stand out as much individually.It doesn't matter if it is long lasting or short lasting. واسه اونا توصیه میکنم ولی واسه افرادی مثل من پیشنهاد میکنم بیخیالش بشن. I've tried it several times and still it just smells like raisins or dried plums. I'm sorry D&G but this Eau De Parfum is absurdly weak. No so with D&G The One (and John Varvatos fragrances, which also have light sprayers, but I digress....) The sprayer emits a relatively small amount of perfume. In short, this is modern masterpiece from one of the best in the biz, one of my two perfumes that I call "fall in a bottle" , the other being Zino by Davidoff. Better blend here, which is not a good nor a bad thing, both of these are good on their own, just a matter of taste.

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Kencan hot sexy

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