Gridview rowupdating e newvalues null

Private Sub Form View1_Item Updating(sender As Object, e As Form View Update Event Args) Handles Form View1. It's been about two days now that I am on this :( What am I doing wrong?

Item Updating Dim fu As File Upload = CType(Form View1.

Enter the database details as per your setup and click on OK.

On the next step select Customer ID, Company Name, Contact Name and Country columns (Figure 2).

Get String("Grid View_Unhandled Even t", new object[] { this.

I have a gridview that is created from a stored procedure.

I want to update a table based upon when the values in the gridview are edited. New Values to get the new values but the values are all null.(Even though the new numbers have been updated). Old Values, the original values are there as they come across from the stored procedure. with this code: Unfortunately, I do need the columns dynamically. I can access the original values, but I cannot get to the new values I change in the edit textboxes. -Joe Hi ecbruck My db table has the product number, Retailer, and the date as the compound key. Controls(0) 'Not sure whether index is correct in your case, you can set a breakpoint here to test 't.

A friend asked me to help him out on this and frankly it has me completely stumped as well.

I have a Grid View control and use old style manual binding with a Data Source property and invoke the Data Bind() method.

The stored proc is actually a crosstab/piviot generator, and I am stuck with using this because of the format of the data. I get the Retailer from the drop down list on the page, I get the Product number by using the key which I set manually (this is always column 1). ecbruck , Thanks for the idea, When I tried it as posted, I get this error: Exception Details: System. Text to find the input data and manually assign it to e.

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Boundfields in GridView are empty during RowUpdating, except read-only. I am binding several boundfields to GridView at run time. same for e. NewValues. Count. 
01-Dec-2018 04:04
GridViewUpdatedEventArgs. OldValues Property. e. NewValues, OrderedDictionarye. OldValues;. The GridView control automatically sets the columns. 
01-Dec-2018 04:08
I ran into a situation this morning where the RowUpdating event of a GridView kept insisting there were no entries in either the OldValues or NewValues dictionaries. 
01-Dec-2018 04:13
ASP. NET Retrieving DropDownList in Gridview RowUpdating event. string val = ddl. SelectedValue; e. {if e. Exception != null {e. 
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It gets into the "OnRowUpdating" event just fine. GridView's NewValues and OldValues empty in the. while editing gridview i get null datakeys as well as null. 
01-Dec-2018 04:18
Hello, I have a gridview that displays a list of horses from an EntityDataSource. When a row is being edited, it displays a drop-down list for the horse's. 
01-Dec-2018 04:21
E.newValues Null in dynamic gridview. the values in the gridview are edited. I am using e. NewValues to get the new. access newValues in rowupdating. 
01-Dec-2018 04:23

Gridview rowupdating e newvalues null introduction

Gridview rowupdating e newvalues null