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Error has occurred sp4 system updating w2k

Everything is going ok until i update xp to service pack 2 [sp2].When I tried rebooting into Windows 2000 I get an error message as soon as I start the boot process from the startup os selection menu -- winnt\system32\config\system is corrupt.I have Visual Web Developer worked on my computer, but I can't make SQL Server work for data-driven.I have uninstalled and install VWD from the same Error message......Source File Name: Compiler Timestamp: Wed Jun 14 2006 Function Name: Cached Property Collection::find Property Source Line Number: 130 ---------------------------------------------------------- Failed to find property "Install Media Path" in cache Source File Name: Compiler Timestamp: Wed Jun 14 2006 Function Name: Setup Bootstrap Options Scope.

XP SP2 install (from the original full admin download) itself went fine first time, but I had jeffd's error above [ Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \winnt\system32\config\system ] when trying to boot to my alternative OS Windows 2000 server (I used it for ADSI script testing for servers at work).

If you don't have them, here's the Windows 2000 version, it's zipped, just unzip it and replace the winxp version with this one. Back to top Thanks to jeffd for pointing me to the anandtech forum thread, I tried to post there, but after 30 minutes gave up trying to register there so jeffd here gets the kudos, but it really goes to perrociego on the anandtech thread.

Once you replace the xp sp1 or 2 ntldr and files with the old xp versions, pre update, your system should boot fine. Why microsoft felt the need to make this change in their ntldr and files is absolutely beyond me, since xp sp 2 boots fine with the old xp ntldr and files. The really odd thing is that this only appeared to affect W2K service pack 4, I had another W2K install on my box, vanilla w2k, service pack 0 or 2, can't remember, which booted fine the whole time. Anyway, if any of you all out there have this problem, it's not a hive issue, it's not corruption of the file, it's a Microsoft bug, a programming error. [Jeffd please post this there for them (and perrociego) to see if you can.

Let me know] I have an update for the above thread.

In my scenario below, you only need to restore the pre XP SP2 install NTLDR file.

Error information reported during run: Datastore exception while trying to write logging properties.

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In the FAQ I can read that this problem can occur in versions of Windows older then W2error on Windows 2000 SP4. System Specs. Processor. DualCore AMD Athlon 64x2 4800+ o/c 2801mhz STABLE Ketxxx, POGE, Tatty One, ME. 
31-Dec-2018 19:28
Hello - I wanted to send a quick update on an issue we have recently seen in Support in regards to Project Time and Expense. When a user clicks Save or Submit on a Timesheet they receive the following message An unexpected error has occurred. 
31-Dec-2018 19:31
Windows 2000 error winnt\system32\config\system is corrupt. note that the issue happened immediately after updating XP to. and W2K SP4, again up to. 
31-Dec-2018 19:36
When I try to add solitaire and spider solitaire from turn windows features on or off I get the above error. I had no issue in installing chess, freecell or.apg2008, Run the System Update Readiness Tool and then restart your PC. 
31-Dec-2018 19:38
If I restart either of the computers, avast! does not start properly the system tray icon has the red "X" on top of it. Please make sure you have the Update Rollup 1 installed it's required for avast! 
31-Dec-2018 19:43
I am running Windows 2000 Server SP4 and I recently purchased a Buffalo Tech TeraStation Pro 2 NAS. I have followed the instructions in the install guide, but cannot connect to a shared drive on this device. I've tried this and receive a "System error 67 has occurred." 
31-Dec-2018 19:47
System error 5 has occurred. Access is denied. This error message is displayed when all of the following conditions are trueThese problems may not only generate several errors, but in more severe conditions render your system useless. 
31-Dec-2018 19:50

Error has occurred sp4 system updating w2k introduction

Error has occurred sp4 system updating w2k