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INFJ attempt to take interest in the person that they like and will learn as much about them as possible. ENFJs friendly and outgoing nature can sometimes be seen as intentionally flirting by others, when they are just being generous.They enjoy flattering others and attempting to make people feel good about themselves, this can sometimes be perceived as flirting.But if that doesn’t work for you *if you are another personality type*, then you might think they are trying to avoid you by not talking to you, and using reading as an escape mechanism. Because, let’s face it, there are rules when it comes to dating *like don’t cheat*. Once they get thirst for something, they have to delve deep into it so they can understand it completely and become a master on the subject. Again, that’s great for reaching goals and achieving things in life. #10 They don’t like gossip – or anything else uninteresting. INTJs are all about being deep, learning, and acquiring knowledge. Being so deep and smart can bring a sense of being “better” than other people. This can give other people the feeling that they are arrogant or judgmental. Remember when I said they don’t like rules or limitations? This might mean that they are an atheist or believe in some unknown political philosophy.But maybe someone they are dating has a spontaneous personality and doesn’t like plans. So, why would they care that your friend’s boyfriend is cheating on her? [Read: Motivational tips and tricks for introverts and shy people] #11 They are always questioning and re-evaluating things. That’s not imply that they put other down or anything, but… Because, you know, they think out-of-the-box, unlike most of the population.When the INFJ is natural and relaxed they may find that people believe they are flirting with them, when in fact they are just being gracious.

But since an INTJ is so rare, it might be more difficult to understand them.

But that doesn’t mean that introverts can’t be outgoing and social.

And it also doesn’t mean that extroverts never like to be alone. Do you feel energized *extrovert* or drained *introvert* in a group of people or crowd? On the other hand, extroverts get charged up by being with people.

The second they begin to think about their flirting, it might cause them to freeze up and doubt themselves.

If the INFJ is natural and doesn’t think about their actions, they will be naturally skilled at flirting.

Understanding female body language is critical in deciphering a shy woman’s level of interest in a man.

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Enfp shy awkward in flirting dating introduction

Enfp shy awkward in flirting dating

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