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Disabled devotee dating

I've always been ambivalent about them in general, and definitely not interested in getting involved with someone who (IMHO) had a screw loose. I've had several longer term relationships in a row end with a profession from the guy that, though he loves me and appreciates many of my qualities, he just can't handle life with a quadriplegic. I don't have any issues with kink as long as (assuming that's the kind of relationship you want) the one with the fetish is respectful of the one who's being fetishized.Then, two months ago, I met a coworker of my brother's and we've been getting to know each other. There are unhealthy versions of this, like "feeders" who love fat partners and either overtly or covertly encourage weight gain, trying to immobilize their partner.That’s a tough one, I don’t think it’s ever necessary to write it in your bio but don’t refrain from posting full body picture because of it either.In some case it might be worth mentioning before setting up a date if you require an accessible restaurant for example.It is kind of kinky/creepy, but I think that is because I am presupposing a lot of things about why it is a turn on that may not be true.

There are two communities you get acquainted to as an amputee (or generally as a disabled person); Transabled & Devotees An abled body person with a “desire or the need to identify as disabled by transforming their body to obtain a physical impairment,” These people have the strong urge to become deaf, blind, paraplegic, amputees etc- They are generally classified into two groups, those who use adaptive devices to be viewed as disabled whether in private or public and others who go to the extreme by rendering themselves blind, paralyzed and even cutting off their limbs.

We have come to believe that beauty comes in a certain size, skin color or shape- and when you add disability to the mix there can be added insecurities.

That is not to say that every woman with disabilities struggle with their bodies but personally It’s something that I have been quite open about.

Fetishizing someone’s physical characterics means you often don’t see the person as a whole and perhaps unable to form a real bond.

This applies to other types of fetishism (ethnicity, hair color, butt etc..) Many women have body insecurities which mostly derives from the unrealistic body images that the media feeds us everyday.

Before you ask, YES there are people who identify as both transgender and transable. until I take a side I won’t explore this topic further.

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Disabled devotee dating introduction

Disabled devotee dating

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