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Dating phpbb powered viewtopic

It stands for John Marlin, the founder of the company. Thanks Regnier, I am fairly new to this lever action thing but I am surely enjoying this 1895. I have a friend that has a golden 39 A in the box never fired.

I have been thinking about buying from him but not sure what they're worth. I think his brother used to own a gun store many years ago and recently died leaving him these guns.

Is there any way to determine exactly what store based on the serial number?

I guess I am confused about the difference between a regular Marlin and a Marlin Glenfield that were both made in the same year.

The first letter of the date code is as follows: A = Jan. There is a much more complete information on dating a Marlin here at in the reference section. t=495G Wi; You apparently have a new Marlin Model 1895 that was manufactured in 1973.

Ampage Effect Forum Archives 1996-2001 : 151,980 posts in 27,796 threads - the early stompbox beginnings discussion group: guitar effect discussion from 1997 on The Gearpage - Effects Discussion: not directly diy oriented but a lot of traffic and diy awareness.

If you're into the vintage side of things, I'll quite happily post detailed gut-shots and specs of any of my collection of Colorsound, EH etc etc....... this one Doug Hammond's DIY Guitar Stuff: a web archive of Doug H's experiments with stompboxes and amps.

I hope this helps all Marlin owners: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Marlin Year of Manufacture Marlin year of manufacture maybe determined from the following list of letter/numeral prefixs to the serial number; this coding only applies to serialized rifles: 1946-C 1947-D 1948-E 1949-F 1950-G 1951-H 1952-J 1953-K 1954-L 1955-M 1956-N 1957-P 1958-R 1959-S 1960 (August)-1961-U 1961 (August)-1962-V 1963-W 1964-Y,-Z 1965-AA 1966-AB 1967-AC 1968-AD, -68 1969-69 1970-70 1971-71 1972-72 Starting in 1973, the year of manufacture maybe determined by subtracting the first two digits of the serial number from 100: Example: SN 2512345 would have been made in 1975 [100 - 25 = 75] and SN 94365295 would have been made in 2006 [ 100 - 94 = 06 (2006) ]. I bought mine in 1965, used it a few years for Ground Hog hunting, and stored it away. I have a Model 60SS that I determined that the Manufacure year is 1996. I would like to know if there is a way to determine the month of manufacture.

For Marlin Rimfire Rifles [non-serialized]: From 1962 thru 1968 Marlins rimfire rifles (other than the 39 series lever actions) used a two letter date code that was stamped on the barrel. It was fairly accurate, a great mechanism, and still a beautiful gun. Thank you, Frank I have a rifle like dds that does not have the markings that it should have, it's a marlin glenfield mod. that along with the are marked on the left side of the barrel. My serial number is behind the hammer right where the stock joins the gun.

I decided to share it here since this is where much of my limited knowledge came from. Other factors need to be taken into consideration to properly date your gun.

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Dating phpbb powered viewtopic introduction

Dating phpbb powered viewtopic

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