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Dating naval academy midshipmen

Imperial Army troopers were by far the most common Imperial soldiers, substantially outnumbering the more-famous Imperial Stormtroopers and forming the garrisons of all occupied worlds.Army troopers piloted nearly all of the Empire's heavy vehicles, including the celebrated All Terrain Armored Transport and All Terrain Scout Transport walkers.The Imperial Army's tactics emphasised demoralising the enemy, specifically through the use of overwhelming firepower to leave them shell-shocked and helpless in the face of a massive, numerically-superior frontal assault.The Empire also emphasised striking to disrupt the enemy's plans and expose their flaws while they were in disorder.

This also meant that while they were capable of decisive planetary operations and sustained surface superiority, it took longer to deploy their specialized formations and heavy equipment than other branches of the Imperial Military.

The Imperial Army's orders generally came from a top-down aspect, whereby the Emperor supplied the orders which were transmitted from Army Command down through a clear hierarchy.

In addition, Imperial commanders were expected to follow established protocol, and often did so by set objectives that defined in the type of units deployed into battle and how these units were to be used.

Imperial Army troops would reconquer Coruscant for the Reborn Emperor in 10 ABY, but it would not be until 12 ABY that the Imperial Military as a whole was reunified as the armed forces of the Imperial Remnant.

The Imperial Army remained the ground force of the Empire after its reconstitution as the Fel Empire, and split again in 130 ABY during the Second Imperial Civil War between Darth Krayt's Imperial faction and that of Emperor Roan Fel.

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Dating naval academy midshipmen introduction

Dating naval academy midshipmen

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