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After Grose disappears (murdered by Manoa), Carroll flees to the mainland, because Grose told her "things when the lights were out." We later find out, according to Manoa, that Carroll was also murdered, though Five-O sets up a scam with a woman being kept under witness protection in an apartment building.Lahani tries to talk to her, but fails, but not before he sees her, and then compares her with a photo taken with Grose that is in HPD's "iron brain." (Is this woman the same actress, Jo Pruden? ) Lahani's education at Harvard had been paid for by the mysterious Swiss-based company called Bryce-Halsey which is the major shareholder in the Sand 'n Surf Condos, where Duke invested.He says that he took out a second mortgage on his house a couple of years before to help his niece set up a business, but never specifically says that the amount was ,000.In fact, he says "Where would I get money like that [meaning ,000]?Duke seemingly did get a lot of money to invest, but it's never clearly revealed where this money came from.And where is the evidence that Duke passed the information from Resko's letter along to Manoa somehow?MORE TRIVIA: Richard Basehart plays Donald Murdock, a wheelchair-bound developer who arranges for million in untraceable negotiable securities to be stolen to help finance his latest venture. At the beginning of the show, Laughlin and Martin Johnson (John Farlas) are trying to disable an alarm system when they are surprised by a security guard.Laughlin knocks out the guard, killing him instantly!

When Five-O go to investigate all three of these things, they are stymied: Resko's place has been trashed and the safe emptied; the brother's beach house has been torched; and Sylvia Chang is found dead, hanging from the ceiling in her apartment.As Grose looks on, she gives Manoa a cable, presumably from Bruce-Halsey, which says that Grose's services should no longer be required, which Manoa reads out to Grose.Shortly after this, the stoolie is knocked off, dumped in the ocean in a barrel like Resko was. Street, Mōʻiliʻili, Honolulu, named for John Kaʻaha (died about 1940), principal of Kalihi Kai School; he built a home at Mōʻiliʻili quarry. There are good things about this episode, but the script (by Jerome Coopersmith! At the beginning, local criminal kingpin Piro Manoa (Michael Ansara), who Five-O have been after for six or seven years, knocks off his old friend Johnny Resko (Harry Williams).

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Dating direct kahuku hawaii introduction

Dating direct kahuku hawaii

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