Computer always updating shutdown

networking) that make up most of the non-graphical parts of Mac OS X.

- Check the boot volume's file system, and repair if necessary (the "-y" means "Yes, go ahead and fix any problems you find"). Note that this may not be able to fix all problems in a single pass, so if it finds and fixes anything (it'll print "***** FILE SYSTEM WAS MODIFIED *****"), run it again, and keep running it until it comes back with something like "The volume Macintosh HD appears to be ok." Note: If the volume has journalling enabled, you should get a message like Depending on what you need to accomplish in single-user mode, you may (or may not) need to start up more of the operating system's normal components (access to disks other than the boot volume, networking, etc).

I’m not sure what kinds of problems you’re having with the power button, but even that needs to be used correctly, or you could end up with the very problems you’re seeing. Even though we still refer to it as the “Start” button, Microsoft changed it to have a more generic look after XP.This will drop you into a command line interface before the system has fully started up, giving you the chance to check/repair things before much of the normal OS X environment starts up.Single-user mode starts you with an extremely minimal environment -- not only is the normal graphical interface not running, neither are most of the normal system daemons (init and mach-init are the only ones), and the boot disk isn't even fully mounted!Note: this command prints out even more stuff than - Edit text files (see the main entry for ).The second line from the top of the screen may contain gibberish, and the keyboard arrow-keys may not work (use control-characters instead) but other than that it works normally.

In single-user mode, the shell behaves a little differently than normal (more so under earlier versions of OS X).

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Computer always updating shutdown introduction

Computer always updating shutdown