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Your logic is the same barbaric logic as 300 DC I'd expect for us as a human race to develop to a point where we don't wish death upon others.I find it ironic how you all probably have trolled, masturbated, and live with your moms but when it comes too an FML, it's suddenly against the law to do those things the poor guy was just amusin himself.As for the FML, yes I do know what trolling is, but when a troll gets "umad" who truly is the immature one?I would expect the internet to be free of trolling haters but apparently not yet.You can’t have character, context, or a real sense of tension without some semblance of story, and as audiences respond it’s something that designers are increasingly focused on.

Today, I was trolling in a chat room when someone said, quote: "He's just a no-life, unemployed loser still living in his mom's basement. Being unemployed & living in moms basement can be because of age and if not we don't know why he doesn't have a job.Go out to social events more, or just hang out in public places to meet people.There are people out there who care, and would want to be friends, you just got to stop acting like a douche on purpose.39- it's more than 9/10 in a sense such as 95/100 I'm just guesstimating, can't say for sure but it sure as hell is 90% or more in most age groups 46-Get out of your little airy fairy bubble where people being idiots is a call for sympathy.He doesn't deserve it because of his physical or financial circumstances.

"Because those are also the loudest fans, that's caused people to pay more attention to doing things like that." All of it, however, is ultimately in service of the same goal: letting audiences be totally enveloped by a fictional world. With an experience you’re immersed in, there no fourth wall.

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Chat rooms and online free websites are an unusual evolution of our internet culture. We crave the personal touch, we crave interaction with other human beings. The internet has taken much of our "connecting with others" routines, but it has also left plenty of opportunities. Like chat rooms. Feeling lonely? Then talk to a. 
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Chat rooms online basement introduction

Chat rooms online basement

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