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For the retired adults volunteering, adults seeking a second career or volunteering, or those seeking a higher education and a career with appeal and opportunity to explain the unexplained archaeology has an overwhelming draw as well as prehistoric preservation. Sometimes our first exposure to the archaeology of an area is through building projects, such as the expansion of the highway and ramps of I-17 through the Cordes Junction area in Arizona.These remains of a Hohokam structure were on the northern periphery of their known cultural influence uncovered with preservation excavation for knowledge before highway expansion.If you are an out of state visitor, you can become an "At Large" member.Go to the "About Us" section of the menu bar and select membership to investigate further and use Pay Pal, or use this link for an application download the application.Many members develop additional interests in geology, botany, osteology, preservation work, surveying, etc.Select "Chapters" from the menu bar at the top of the screen to find one near you or click the link at the beginning of this paragraph for a contact listing.Members can use Paypal Member-Only Access: Click this link for instructions regarding access to the members only section. No access is possible without joining the Arizona Archaeology Society.See Chapter Membership Contacts: or become an "At Large" member to access the member-only section on this website.

Click the link to engaged your media player and the file should play automatically.The draw for many people to archaeology consists of a certain appeal for the more artistic endeavors of prehistoric people.While many artifacts are strictly mono color objects that are utilitarian, other objects are decorated with wonderful pictures and/or mosaic designs.The Arizona Archaeological Society (AAS) welcomes you to our web site where you can learn more about archaeology around the state and how to actively participate in learning about and preserving our Arizona heritage.AAS is a volunteer organization that is over 50 years old with a rich and varied history.

Sherds picked up and collected in small or large treasure piles destroy an archaeological context forever.

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Az mobi dating org introduction

Az mobi dating org